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Professionals Working with GSA!

GSA works closely with other professionals in the construction industry.

These professionals include architects, land surveyors, wetland botanists, other engineers, and landscape architects.
The following are the professionals that worked with GSA in 2009:


MJ Tavares Architects
B. Goba & Associates
The MZO Group

Land Surveyors

Rober Survey

Wetland Botanists

LEC Environmental Consultants


John Stover, P.E. (Mechanical)
Kevin Martin P.E. (Geotechnical)

Landscape Architects

Leonard Design Associates
Rojas Group

33 Ship Avenue, Medford, MA

The project consists of site engineering design for 5 new residential condominiums in Medford. GSA obtained approval from the Medford Conservation Commission for work within the Riverfront Area.

ASCE is a nationally recognized society for Civil Engineers.
SOMWBA is the Massachusetts State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance
BSCES is the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section