Civil Engineering in the Boston Area
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Partial List of GSA Projects:

  •  The Charles Hayes Building, Haverhill                                          
  •  Bell Tower Condominiums, Watertown                                        
  •  Community Family Building, Everett                                             
  •  The Commander's Mansion site improvements, Watertown        
  •  Washington Street Subdivision, Arlington                                  
  •  The Atrium School, Watertown                                                   
  •  Zumix Building, E. Boston                                  


33 Ship Avenue, Medford, MA

The project consists of site engineering design for 5 new residential condominiums in Medford. GSA obtained approval from the Medford Conservation Commission for work within the Riverfront Area.

ASCE is a nationally recognized society for Civil Engineers.
SOMWBA is the Massachusetts State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance
BSCES is the Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section